Timing Plan

So, we finally received the timing plan for the build, here’s how its supposed to go…..

Nr Item Start End
1 Building Begin 11/07/2011 11/07/2011
2 Rough Work (Walls/Floors etc.) 11/07/2011 12/09/2011
3 Scaffolding 08/08/2011 08/08/2011
4 Roof Carpentery 12/09/2011 14/09/2011
5 Roof Tiling / Slating 15/09/2011 20/09/2011
6 Window Installation 21/09/2011 21/09/2011
7 Electrical Installation 22/09/2011 28/09/2011
8 Heating – Plumbing Rough Installation 29/09/2011 05/10/2011
9 Under Rendering (outside) 22/09/2011 26/09/2011
10 Interior Plastering 06/10/2011 11/10/2011
11 Damproofing 1 22/09/2011 23/09/2011
12 Outer (Final) Rendering 11/10/2011 12/10/2011
13 Scaffolding removal 13/10/2011 13/10/2011
14 Underfloor heating and screeding 06/10/2011 12/10/2011
15 Damproofing 2 17/10/2011 19/10/2011
16 Heating System Installation 20/10/2011 21/10/2011
17 Final Electrical Installation 24/10/2011 26/10/2011
18 Screed drying time 24/10/2011 21/11/2011
19 Wall Tile Installation 20/10/2011 26/10/2011
20 Floor Tile Installation 22/11/2011 28/11/2011
21 Interior Painting 29/11/2011 12/12/2011
22 Interior Door Installation 13/12/2011 13/12/2011
23 Stairwell Rail Installation 20/10/2011 21/10/2011
24 House Hand Over 03/02/2012 03/02/2012

If everything goes to plan we should be able to be moving in in January.  We’ll see


Bit of a battle…

Finally today a bit of progress.
The building planning firm finally completed the repricing of the job and as you can imagine this wasn’t so straightforwards.
There are some things which we knowingly have changed since the start of the project, such as bigger windows in certain places and some minor spec changes, but the engineering of the site has also required some other changes.
We budgeted ~ 5000€ for anything different so were a tad surprised when it came back at more the 9000€.
However reading carefully there were some obvious issues.  They had calculated quite a large additional cost for a handrail on the stairs down to the cellar aswell as the tiles on these concrete stairs (I imagine a pig of a job to do).  However we had discussed this very early in the project and have found it in writing that it should be included (it was in the offer from the building company even!).  The salesman has verbally confirmed that to me today so that should hopefully get sorted quickly.
The Architect had made some small mistakes, overhang on the roof was 60cm all round, the building firms standard calculation used 50cm, which meant an additional 700 euro cost almost!  A quick call to the architect and this was an oversight on his part, he will update the drawings tomorrow so that’s no longer an issue.
Next, to avoid drainage issues in the cellar (living area remember) the council asked for some kind of anti flood prevention.  We let the building company select a unit for this and they calculated with the list price from their supplier of 950€.  A quick froogle and its available for 350€, we’ll buy that ourselves thanks very much!
A couple of other oversights from both us and the architect.  Ground floor WC had been specced with both underfloor heating and a heated towel rail.  Completely pointless as it added 700€ over the price of just having a radiator.
Same thing in the cellar shower room, it will be used so infrequently that it really makes no sense, just a radiator will be fine.
Upstairs we have added a heated towel rail to the bathroom, this is worth having for the relatively low cost.
Anyway, at the end of the day we have knocked the 9k down to closer to 3k, which is much more like it.

Waiting now for confirmation of that then we are ready to sign and we can make some progress.

Planning Permission

Well, we finally got the approvals today.

A big envelope arrived with maybe 100 pages of various forms and such shite.  God knows what we are supposed to do with it all, hopefully the project manager will sort everything out for us.

There seems to be lots of stuff they want money for of course, from the water supply to the site thru to disposal of the builders waste.  I am sure it will soon add up to a fortune.

So it took them a total of 9 weeks in the end, for which we are being charged the rather offensive sum of 1200€  Our guess is its probably too late to start this year, the weather normally gets offensive in january and february, however up until now its been surprisingly mild…. Decision decisions eh…..

So Slow …………………

Last week we received a letter from the town council in Rutesheim.  They basically are ready to approve our request but are insisting on some changes to be made to the plans and also wanted some clarification.

Some of the things which have to be changed;

1. Cellar windows to have “lichtschachte”, fugg knows what these are called in english!  They look like this, its basically a cavity in the ground so that the cellar windows get natural light yet are protected.  They were always planned, the architect had never know a council insist on them being shown on the plans before.

2. Quite important – they wanted changes to the drainage for the cellar rooms to be modified.  This includes changes to the piping plus the addition of electronically controlled one way valves.  All makes sense, it was previously discussed after some concerns we had, but again never shown on the plans.

3. We have to have a fence or wall next to the driveway from the garden. (due to the drop)

4. The tree (which won’t happen) was drawn in such a way that the plummage would cause an obstruction for people looking out of the drive onto the road.

Anyway, these changes have been made, the files have been submitted so hopefully we will get an answer quickly!  Adam Chandler has homo hair.  The architect said he had never had such pedantic planning officers despite building 3 other houses in this town.  For us its a good thing tho, the more that is clarified at the start the better!

Hopefully there will be an update in the next 2 weeks.

More pics of the plot

Here’s some more pics of where we will build.

Nice view, no-one will be building opposite for at least ten years, which is nice.

A shitty video there, but you get the idea.