Entrance Decking

Ow doo, been a while eh. No-one remembers this blog exists but to keep a record of the work, here’s the latest.

As we are built on a hill, the entrance area of the house is not so easy, we had some offers to flatten the land, which involved building some retaining walls, not very high, not very complex, but the best offers we had were more than 5 grand.

So we decided to tackle it ourselves.

Its quite a large area actually, 8.6m long and 2.4m wide approx, so to make the most of it and make it useable in some way we wanted it all at one level, as close to the street as possible.

Using the data I already created in the CAD system and along with some input from the chap at our local wood supplier I produced the following plan.


The white bits you see are the “Lichtschacht” which direct light into the cellar windows,

A drawing of the plan is;

At street side we are around 40cm below street level and at the other side it’s something like 1.2m, so it was clear the thing needed to be strong!

The legs/posts are set in “H Anchors” as per;

This were created by boring 50cm deep holes in the land, positioning the metal parts by creating a simple wooden construction and then filling the holes with concrete. Below you see the aftermath!


This was all done in a saturday on my todd. The following week I got some friends round and we attacked the project further, with an intent to complete the framework to an extent where I could continue once more on my own.

At the end of the day we were left with;

It’s forbiden to work on a sunday here in Germany, so the following monday and tuesday nights I cracked on with installing the horizontal parts. Finally on the tuesday evening;


I took a days holiday on the weds and spent the whole day on the thing until the pretty much finished product is;


It looks just as I imagined, there are still a few bits left to do, the side will be closed somehow, probably with more widely spaced decking planks. And of course we need some kind of fence/rail around the edge. Seems the wife has some plans for that.

Been dreading doing so, but to calculate the total costs;

Wood – 700
H-Anchors – 96
Concrete – 70
Construction Screws – 25
Brackets – 33
Lichtschacht – 78
Decking Screws – 30
Threaded rod / dubeln / mortel – 45 (this was the method used to attach the frame to the garage and house leaving a drainage gap)
Cloth (stops plants growing underneath) – 12

Total – 1089 €

Which of course is a lot, but a fraction of what it would have cost to have it done by so called proffesionals!