Nearly there

All flooring is done, all interior doors are in.  Just a couple of tiny bits left to sort.

The electrician has to come to reattach the wall plates after they were removed for decoration.

  –  Hobby room, downstairs we have Oak laminate flooring, looks OK I think.  The doors are pretty boring I suppose.

  –  Living room, also the OAK flooring

  –  Kitchen is tiled.  We managed to get a bargain oven at Ikea.  The kitchen will be installed by me as soon as we move in…. Well, you know…. the first week of evenings.

  –  The carpet upstairs.  Stinks at the moment, Nic needs to do the old shake n vac ASAP


About JoeD
33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

One Response to Nearly there

  1. Alan Marks says:

    And about time too!!
    Stinky carpet probably just needs the windows opening and getting a good Blow-Through. (nb. “through” NOT “Job”)

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