Bogs etc.

The Plumber has been back in the house during the last week.  I even managed to offend him which resulted in storming off in his van in a strop, which was amusing.  But he’s pretty much all done now and has done a really good job.

So, starting off in the cellar technical room.


Hotwater tank from the solar and the boiler (which has been in for yonks actually)

Shower room in cellar.


Ground floor WC.


Lots of scokets and switches hanging around the house waiting to be re-installed.

1st Floor Bathroom


Everything is from this lot, suposedly quite well known.

So next up, flooring on monday, doors on tuesday then on wednesday the final stairs are coming!

Almost there


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One Response to Bogs etc.

  1. Nicola says:

    Yup –
    Defo a different bath from what we had ordered! *lol*

    not gonna moan about htat though – the one we have is much nicer!

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