A long awaited update

Wow its been yonks since I last posted.

Don’t worry tho, you’ve not missed much as sod all as happened really until the last couple of weeks.  And that only after we went to see a lawyer to push the company into doing something.

The problem has been a combination of our project manager and the main building company.  They had a complete inability to locate us new workmen when the originally assigned companies notififed them that their workloads were too high.

First up was the drywall company.  After being notified months before another company finally took on the contract.  I’ve never encountered such a bunch of cowboys.  They were given the contract under the condition that they started work straight away.  In actual fact despite week after week of bullshitting they actually started some 7 weeks later and were finished inside a week or so.  The work they were doing was all the insulation of the loft and plasterboard panelling throughout the house.

They made a right balls-up of some of the work.

Some panelling is missing and in other places the standard of work is poor.  Some of the remedial work was passed on to a tiling company, the rest they are supposed to finish this week… we’ll see.

After they were done eventual a new tiler was found.  This was by far the best company we have encountered during the project.  Basically they did what they said they would, when they said they would and to a very high standard.

Kitchen & Stairs


The tiles are a bit dirty there, they’ll clean up well tho.  A kind of dark Anthracite, we are very happy with the result actually. 

The same tiles are in the cellar room below the stairs, the kitchen, the stairs between ground floor and cellar, aswell as all three bathrooms.


This photo is the downstairs bathroom.  We have gone for a highly polished white tile to contrast the grey, I think it looks classically stylish and should be OK for years.  I think maybe in the upstairs bathroom we will add some mosiac or similar to make it a little more interesting.

There you see the access panel for the pump in the cellar, and on the wall is where the toilet will be mounted.  To the right is where the shower goes.


The Electrics firm has been back and have almost finished their work.  The sockets and switches are maybe 95% done.  We never got to choose which ones actually although it had been promised!  However its a modular system, so we can change the visible bits to whatever we want as we decorate each room to our style.

Thats in the kitchen /dining room area.  A phone socket and 2 plugs.

Annoyingly the electricians showed a complete lack of common sense in some places.  As mentioned previously in the blog I added a load of extra wiring and sockets for network cabling.  The holes were correctly positioned so that they fitted into everything else.  What was the solution of the electricians……

Genius eh.  Rather than fitting a 4 hole frame, they fitted a 3 holer and left it blank.  No massive problem, I have ordered 5 of the 4 hole frames as well as my network sockets off ebay for around 60 Euro.  Will just change them myself.

Also note that the f*ckwits have installed non sat TV sockets.  So dopey having always discussed the SAT TV installation with them.

I have told them to change them to the correct ones, if they refuse i’ll just reduce their payment by whatever it costs to do that myself.

The cellar room downstairs is getting pretty full with TECH now.


That’s the consumer unit they have fitted.  Below those wires are the TV cables to the rooms and also the network cables.

I’ll fit or make some kind of cabinet to fit under there to house all my technology I think.  Need to check how long I left the cables which run to the sat dish.

I just got back from a meeting at the house along with the Over-Project Manager from the building company along with our proj manager.  Finally it seems he is going to start overseeing the work of our incompetent b*stard, looks like completion date of 27th July.  Which would make them an impressive 7 months behind schedule on a 6 month build.

There are still a list of technical faults which have to be sorted before the completion, we’ll see how they do!


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3 Responses to A long awaited update

  1. A says:

    Good to see an update! I like the “I’ve never encountered such a bunch of cowboys.” Well, as I like to say in this corner of Germany: I’m amazed they manage to piece together such good cars (mostly). Your build is painful to watch so it must be even more painful to go through. Scream if you need support, logistical or moral.

  2. Graham says:

    Have you sorted out a nursery yet? Congrats to you both
    Graham & Lin

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