Garage Installation

As is quite common in Germany (and elsewhere now I think) we bought a so called fertiggarage, like a precast concrete thing which was delivered yesterday, 2nd April.

It was actually quite interesting too see how they do it.  First up here’s a pic of the house as it stands now, looks good I think.  Sat dish is never a nice addition, but I wanted it someone I can adjust if needed.

So, at about 13:05 yesterday (for a promised delivery between 11 and 13!) this truck turned up.


Its quite an interesting vehicle, specially designed to do the job of course.

First thing, the chap measured our foundations, basically they were shite.  The mong of a builder had done the heights wrong so they were pretty much level with each other, the front one should be lower than the back one so it doesn’t get flooded of course.  The drainage hole at the back is also wrongly positioned, but that’s not the end of the world.

To get it to the level he wanted he used some little plastic blocks, like shims.


Amazing to think that the garage will be forever be sat on those things!  Must be pretty strong.

Next thing the truck levelled itself on some hydraulic actuators.


Here it is all levelled;

The driver is connecting up the crane to the top of the garage (some temporary lifting hooks).

The crane thing has lots of little adjustment so it can carefully be shifted into place.  It took quite a long time.

Here’s a vid of some of it

Garage Delivery Video

He spent a lot of time checking the level and getting the position as close as posible.  Once complete he added the trims to fill the gap between the garage and the  house.


And the final thing…..

All fits pretty well!  Just need a driveway now eh!



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