Finished Render + Manual Labour

As you can imagine, with the screed drying not a great deal as happened in the last couple of weeks.  However on wednesday the grey part of the render was completed and the first part of the scaffold was taken down.

Looks pretty smart eh.

The scaffolding company are taking forever to get the stuff down.  They only did that side after threats from the proj manager of passing on costs to them.  This side has been taken down so that the utilities can be connected up this week!  That’s ideal as it means the heating can be installed and the house slowly start being dried out.

The manual labour part was only minor, but involved the wife and me actually doing something!

On Saturday morning we were up and out at 8.30am (On a saturday!!), a quick stop-off at the baumarkt to fill the 2006 Fiat Panda 100HP with this shite.

Obvioulsy with that kind of loading it lost some of its exhilerating performance!

An hour of work and we had the following temporary solution to the lack of enterance of the house.


A bit low really!, but hopefully its only going to be there for a couple of weeks.  We need to find a gardener really to carry out the work I have planned for the landscaping, thank fook its bonus month at work!

Other than that, all looks good, I did notice that withing the lightwells the bricks have not been plastered/rendered.

Hopefully this is the responsibility of the rendering company and not that bell-end of a builder who has caused us constant problems!

Backup accomodation has now been finalised… so the pressure is now off slightly to get finished.


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2 Responses to Finished Render + Manual Labour

  1. A says:

    I like “up and out at 8.30am on a Saturday. Bloody luxury mate!

    Gardener: try Schradi. Can send you contact details. Fair price and hard-working.

  2. JoeD says:

    Thats the only local garden place I managed to find with some online searching actually….

    Thinks I’ll give em a mail, see if its something they can do.

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