Slow Progress …… A Common Theme

OK, so the shite weather has finally gone (for now) so some progress has been made.

Last wednesday the screed throughout the house was finally laid, which is good news as it means the drying process is finally underway so all the things dependant on that can be organised (badly of course with our proj manager).


Exciting pictures I know!

On Thursday and friday they added the topcoat onto the exterior render.


This is the stuff they used, stored here incase we ever need any more!

As you can see we were really adventurous with the colour choice!  Below that line it will be grey, I think it looks quite smart with those colours.

Other news, I was there with a friend on saturday boshing up the satelite dish.  That went pretty terribly, took ages to get the signal right, but in the end we had quite a strong feed, so that’s good.  Check out the style, looks shite but who cares.

The weather has really fucked us over, meaning sod all chance of getting in by the end of this month, received the updated timing plan overnight.

The delay isnt the end of the world, we have a backup we think following our impending homelessness on the 31st of march.  We need to make sure the garage is installed in time tho, we need the storage.

Nr Description Start Finish
11 Drywall Installation 1 12/03/2012 16/03/2012
13 Dismantle Scaffolding 05/03/2012 07/03/2012
15 Drywall Installation 2 19/03/2012 23/03/2012
16 Heating System Installation 12/03/2012 14/03/2012
17 Final Installation – Electrics 19/03/2012 21/03/2012
18 Heating of the Screed 15/03/2012 30/03/2012
19 Wall Tile Fitting 19/03/2012 23/03/2012
20 Floor Tile Fitting 02/04/2012 05/04/2012
21 Painting 10/04/2012 13/04/2012
22 Interior Doors 16/04/2012 16/04/2012
23 Installing the Steps on the stairs 12/04/2012 12/04/2012
24 Hand over 17/04/2012 17/04/2012

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One Response to Slow Progress …… A Common Theme

  1. A says:

    As sed, if you need help, scream. Silke’s muttering things of “saw that coming”, but that doesn’t make it any more bearable. Lazy buggers all of ’em.

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