February Update

What a frustrating few weeks since the last update.

Unfortunately here in south germany we have had freezing conditions, down to around -20ºC.  This has pretty much stopped any progress with the Screed.  All they have been able to do is put down the foam insulation which goes between the concrete floors and the screed.

Since the weekend the weather has been better, but the big pile of screed sitting outside the house is frozen solid so they can not continue until that has thawed.  They are going to try again on friday.

The only progress has been the stairs have been fitted between ground floor and first floor as has the handrail between the ground floor and cellar.



Not the most stylish things in the world.  But they will be painted and the temporary steps replaced with wood when everything else is finished. 

We have done a couple of bits and pieces our selves in that time.  We had to take down the scafolding in the stairwell ourselves as the company were bone idle and the stair folks would have charged us to do it.  Also have installed the cabling between the utility room in the cellar and the outside wall at the top of the house.  These 9 cables will carry the DVB-S (sattelite) & DVB-T (Terrestrial) TV signals from the dish/aerial to the multiswitch which will then distribute everything to the individual rooms, each room has at least one TV connection point.

It took about 4 hours all in, including drilling a big 50mm bore hole from the outside to the inside, which was fun.

As soon as the outside layer of render is applied I can put the dish up so that the house looks like it belongs on a UK council estate.


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