Heating / Plumbing First Fix

So…. Over the last couple of weeks the plumbing/heating chap has been doing his bit.  He seemed very slow, but has done what looks like a neat job, and as long as it works that’s all that we care about!

So first up the solar panel is up on the roof

All the tubing/piping etc runs through a shaft to the cellar room on the other side of the house thru a corner of the kitchen, in the following 2 photos you see the bundle in the cellar and also the kitchen.


The white pipe is the exhaust from the boiler

We will be having radiators in most rooms.   The piping for these runs along the floor, to some kind of distribution block and there are strange mount things plastered into the walls.  Never seen such a system before.



These last few pics are in the main bedroom upstairs.  In the bottom right photo you see the mount thing, although in this case it actually connects to something on the other side of the wall which you can see in the following photo.  That the basthroom upstairs;

This room has underfloor heating, and the radiator in this case will be a towel rail type thingy….

In the other plumbed rooms we have;

Ground floor WC

Sink/Basin connections closest to camera.  Shitter is furthest away.

Cellar Shower room;


Here the bog is mounted in the corner, to allow more room for the shower area.  The white placcy box is the macerator, which allows us to have such plumbing in the cellar.

Next up comes the Screed which should be being done this week!  We’ll see.


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