January 2012 Update – Putz

Wow, I just realised that I have not updated this blog since November, a disgraceful performance for which Iapologise, although to be fair not a great deal has changed in that time.

Firstly the underpart of the Rendering is done.  This has not got any further due to the weather, they needa couple of days of dry warmish weather really.



Also all the plastering inside is finished. They did all the outside and inside in less than a week.




Just before Christmas the difficult builder finally finished the garage foundations.  He was given instructionsto leave some holes on one part so that the utilities can pass thru them. It will be interesting to see if he has done that, you can imaginejust for the sake of being difficult he maybe has not….. We will see.


That’s pretty much it to be honest,progress is pretty slow.  The project manager is still as uselessas ever, he needs constant reminding to his job otherwise he does f*ckall.  Very annoying.  I have taken to send him an email everyweek listing his outstanding actions.

We met the chap who will be supplyingthe staircase last week.  An interesting experience, the standardspecification is not the most stylish to be honest, its metal supportedwith beech (prob laminate) steps.  He had a catalogue in which heshowed us some other options, one of them we quite liked, however he wantedan extra 1200 euro for that option!  A 50% increase on the standardcost.  We had to be sensible, knowing it would never add any valueto the house we decided not to bother.  So we then asked him how muchto change the standard steel handrail for a wooden one….. 700€, againsod that.  The wife has some ideas of how to beautify the stairs alittle so I guess we will do that.

At the moment the first installation of the heating stuff is being done.  That’s scheduled to be finishednext Monday.  I’ll try and get some photos up of that.  Theyhope to be able to put the solar panel on the roof too, but that will beweather dependant.

After that, the screed will be going down and the inside can start to be completed.  I think when thathappens we will feel like we are actually getting somewhere.  Ourapartment is cancelled as of the end of march, so they need to get theiract together.  We actually have it in our contract that the buildshould have only taken 6 months (meaning end of December 2011), I thinkit would be in our interests to speak to a lawyer to see if we can getsome kind of reimbursement from the building company.

We will feel much happier actually whenthe utilities are connected, the project manager has supposedly been workingon that, the truth is tho all he needs to do is make a phone call whichseems to be beyond him.  I may pass that responsibility on to a friend with better german language skills than me…..


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