First Fit Electrics + End of Rohrbau

Its been a while since the windows went in now and it feels like not much has happened.  The builder chap has been massively dragging his heels making pretty slow progress.  The main Building firm however have been working on this and promised us a financial solution will be made.  The problem however now is that our flat is cancelled from the end of January!  So they have to be finished by then in our opinion, if not we expect them to find accomodation for us!  We will see.

The builder chap sent a fantastic email to the project manager which I am tempted to translate and put up here….not sure tho.

Some of the work quality is not at the standard I would expect, check this out…..

A bit rough, I was clearly spotted photographing this though as it was repaired the next visit!

After the email to the project manager it was clear that they could no-longer work together, so our case has now been taken over the the chief project manager of the main builder company.  Very good from our side, he doesnt take any shite from the builder and there actually seemed to be some respect towards him! 

Anyway, we think his work is pretty much finished now, all the interior walls are in place, the windows in the cellar have been fitted and externally the waterproofing is completed and the installation of the light-shafts (is that the name?) is complete.  The cellar is actually pretty bright, so we are happy with that.

Here are some outside pics.



It seems odd that on the street side they have taken away the safety fence!  Hopefully that’s not going to be a problem, it was done without informing us.

You can spot in a few of those pics wires poking through the walls.  This is where we will have outside lights and also a plug socket on the terrace.  They are there of course because the first fit of the elctrics has been done in the last week.

Some more pics so you can see how its done here;

This one shows what we have on the wall typically.  The left most one I have added myself over the weekend as the quote from the electrician was ridiculously high tbh!

From left to right we have here,

Twin LAN (network) / Twin Sat TV / Plug socket / Plug Socker

We have added LAN & TV in both bedrooms on the top floor, the living room, the bedroom in cellar and also the hobby room in the cellar.  Of course they wont all be used but its much better than having to add them later.

The cables from these sockets are run along the floor;

These will be covered by the screed when it goes down eventually.  You can see where I have added cables, as neat as I could manage, but not ideal.

Where there is a light fitting planned we have this coming from the ceiling;

All the cables then run through a hole in the floor to the cellar;

These all finish in the utility room down there, here we will also position the Sat TV distributor and the network hardware.

Next stage is that both under coat of the render is being done this week (week 46) as is the internal plastering.

That difficult builder only has the Garage foundations left to do.



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One Response to First Fit Electrics + End of Rohrbau

  1. A says:

    Innit exciting! Good idea to take pics of all pipes and wires before the screed and wall plastering goes in. You’ll need the photos later everytime you drill a hole. Fingers crossed re End of January. Though if it’s in the contract they will indeed have to help or compensate.

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