Windows in and potential progress……

This last week we have had a bit of progress in that the windows (mostly) have been fitted. 

These are a nice quality unit, all tilt and swing open (inwards which is a bit odd to us english but helps cleaning).  The big french windows on the back of the house all open which will be nice.  The big windows in the cellar let in loads of light, we were pleasantly surprised by that.  The smaller windows in the cellar are yet to be fitted, the rohrbau firm will fit those apparently.




The front door is just a temp one as its likely to get damaged during the build.

There is some progress regarding the ongoing discussion with the Rohrbau chappie.  In the last week I have been on copy of lots of emails between the proj manager and him.  Frankly after a while they both ended up looking like a pair of children and couldn’t even agree on when and where to meet.

Yesterday morning the builder contacted me directly asking if we could meet.  No problem, so I met him last night.  Seems he has no enthusiasm at all to have any more contact with the proj manager, not good.  Anyway, we went together through his bill with me pointing out what problems I had with certain things on the bill and what I accepted.  He seemed to accept some things but not others, I hope he will get back to me soon with a new proposal so we can see how it goes from there….

If we agree quickly he will work friday and saturday this week finishing the building off so we can continue with the rest.  We need to get the electrics roughly installed as the next stage.  The reason for that is that a few things will go outside, a couple of outside lights aswell as a plug socket for the terrace.  These need to be in place before the render can be applied.  We want to get that done v.quickly because the scaffolding contract means that after the end of OCT we have to start paying!


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One Response to Windows in and potential progress……

  1. Buzz says:

    Took me ages to work out why all German windows open inwards – safety. Kids can’t open a window and lean out. Good old German logic as usual. Oh, and it’s easier to clean.

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