Roof On + Some Interior pics

Nothing much has happened about the issues mentioned in the last post.  I think it will be worth our while getting some advice from a Lawyer before too long tho.

We popped up this morning to see what’s been going on.

Here are some interior pics, first the upstairs.





Some pics of the views from the upstairs windows there too.

Now the Ground Floor




Cellar Level

   Stairs + Shower Room

  Smaller Room – This will be a guest bedroom, its big enough for a double.

   Technic room, boiler washer etc.

    Big room, this will be our hobby/games room.

A couple of outside pics with the roof on, looks pretty good I think.


We met one of the new neighbours also, a really nice guy, an architect who lives in one of the flats in that horrible looking building.  He was giving us some good advice about dealing with the builder issues and gave us the contact details of a good lawyer.  So that’s a bonus!


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One Response to Roof On + Some Interior pics

  1. Lyn says:

    The house is ‘growing’ well Joe and Nic – really looking forward to seeing the real thing. Find your posts very interesting and informative. Looks like they are doing a good job! Love, Mum xxx

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