Good Progress combined with a massive kick in the Nads !!

I’ll start with the good stuff.

Seems in the past couple of weeks we have been making some really good progress on the build, so here are some pics which I think I was too bone idle to upload.

With the land filled in around the cellar;


After that the scaffolding was lobbed up and since then the brickwork for the 1st floor has been built.




Then we popped back along yesterday and they have started with the roof which will be finished this week !

All good, putting us ahead of the timing plan.  We will actually be doing something ourselves on the roof.  The overhang wood is not treated or painted as part of the standard service.  They wanted an extra 830€ to do that, so we will do it ourselves!

Anyway, the massive kick in the gonads I mentioned.  The subcontractor who carries out the building of the walls etc. billed us on sunday for what he described as non-contracted work.  Some of these things were expected, however some where not.  We had guessed and budgetted for approx 5000€, however he has invoiced us for 13000€ worth!  I think its going to be a tricky discussion actually, he had no authorisation from us to do any of the tasks mentioned and hence no contract to do this work.  Some of the values mentioned on the invoice are clearly inflated (maybe he expects people to barter him down).

Luckily one of the commenters from this blog and his wife have been very helpful in giving us advice in this matter so we have a good idea how to proceed, so thanks A & S !

We have told him we will be questioning and appealing against the bill which I am sure he is delighted with.  At the same time we have asked for support and feedback from the main building contractor pointing out that this way of working goes clearly against their terms and conditions.  I think the whole thing is going to drag on for a while unfortunately, meaning lots of stress for us.

The contractor in question’s work is almost finished, so I am hopeful it is not going to cause us a delay.


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