Cellar Walls

Popped over on saturday to see how we are progressing and they have started on the cellar walls.


The method is quite interesting actually.  The bottom level they build ontop of some kind of material which they place on the base plate, something to do with the water tightness.  They have to be supercareful that layer is 100% flat.  After that layer there is another sealing product before the cement to prevent any moisture being able to rise up through the walls.

The bricks are pretty massive, the walls being 365mm deep.  They don’t put any cement between the bricks normally as they have a tonque and groove type system.

Progress should be pretty quick now, we are expecting the ceiling to be in place at the end of this week!

The biggest issue at the moment is that we have no electricity on site still.  Originally we thought the project manager was going to sort that problem out, but he turned out to be a tadd unhelpful and just told us to sort it (he’s pretty difficult to understand as he is an east german who insists on speaking at 20,000 words per minute), but anyway we have organised it now.  The local elecricity board need a week to do the business, however they refused to start work from the fax application that the electrician made, only actually reacting to a posted letter (2@s).

Anyway, should finally be connected today.  Until now we have been stealing electricity from next door (very kind of em, but then they did sell us the land) however that electricity is not strong enough to run the circular saw which is needed to cut bricks for the window openenings etc.


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One Response to Cellar Walls

  1. Barb in MI says:

    Joe, be glad it’s not the American way of building. It would all be plywood and drywall….Hoep it will go faster now.
    Came over from Nic’s blog

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