A big step forward has been taken now.  The baseplate is in place.

Seems to be the standard building method here in germany, completely different to what they do in the UK I think.

Anyway, first stage is dig big hole and run all the drainage bits & pieces.  Then lots and lots of small stones which are made as Flat as possible.  They then build a case with wood, cover the stones with plastic sheeting which brings us to this stage.

After this loads of metal grids are chopped up and positioned around the  area.  They support the concrete.

Then the concrete is poured.

Its propper thick, maybe 30cm (that’s about a foot to old man marks!)  Must weigh tonnes.

So now this will be left for a week and as of next friday they will start building the cellar walls.


At some point I will clean the lens on my camera-phone and then we will get less blury pictures.


About JoeD
33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

3 Responses to Baseplate

  1. Adam says:

    Get a decent phone!

  2. JoeD says:

    Remove your tongue from Steve Jobs’ brown eye and I will !!

  3. old man marks says:

    cheeky young pup. Anyway us old pedants would have said 300mm – much more precise !!

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