Actual Physical Work !!!

Finally a bit of progress has been made, as all the contracts etc have been signed we had a meeting with the project manager this week.

There is a bit of an issue at the top of the plot, here we are only around 1m away from the pavement at the side of that main road.  The problem is we need to dig down something like 3m in that area, so it could be the case that we may need to damage the pavement a bit, that of course comes with a repair cost at a later date!

Anyway, the bush that was positioned there has been stripped away to investigate and the house has been laid out on the land, its very good to see actually, the front garden area will be bigger than we were expecting!  Here’s some pics, the Civic is parked in the garage, as you can see we will have a fair amount of off road parking!  Ideal for me to fill it with shite old cars.  Nic is dancing around the garden area.




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33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

2 Responses to Actual Physical Work !!!

  1. A says:

    Nice to see (some) progress. Having a garden area bigger than you expected is positive, a couple of shrubs and bushes and they fill up quickly!
    You lucky things – a NEW house. Still doing up our old one and gradually getting fed up with it.
    When’s the completion date (on paper)?

  2. JoeD says:

    Don’t get me wrong, its still a titchy garden, but big enough for the odd BBQ etc!

    Looks like being right at the end of the year.

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