Bit of a battle…

Finally today a bit of progress.
The building planning firm finally completed the repricing of the job and as you can imagine this wasn’t so straightforwards.
There are some things which we knowingly have changed since the start of the project, such as bigger windows in certain places and some minor spec changes, but the engineering of the site has also required some other changes.
We budgeted ~ 5000€ for anything different so were a tad surprised when it came back at more the 9000€.
However reading carefully there were some obvious issues.  They had calculated quite a large additional cost for a handrail on the stairs down to the cellar aswell as the tiles on these concrete stairs (I imagine a pig of a job to do).  However we had discussed this very early in the project and have found it in writing that it should be included (it was in the offer from the building company even!).  The salesman has verbally confirmed that to me today so that should hopefully get sorted quickly.
The Architect had made some small mistakes, overhang on the roof was 60cm all round, the building firms standard calculation used 50cm, which meant an additional 700 euro cost almost!  A quick call to the architect and this was an oversight on his part, he will update the drawings tomorrow so that’s no longer an issue.
Next, to avoid drainage issues in the cellar (living area remember) the council asked for some kind of anti flood prevention.  We let the building company select a unit for this and they calculated with the list price from their supplier of 950€.  A quick froogle and its available for 350€, we’ll buy that ourselves thanks very much!
A couple of other oversights from both us and the architect.  Ground floor WC had been specced with both underfloor heating and a heated towel rail.  Completely pointless as it added 700€ over the price of just having a radiator.
Same thing in the cellar shower room, it will be used so infrequently that it really makes no sense, just a radiator will be fine.
Upstairs we have added a heated towel rail to the bathroom, this is worth having for the relatively low cost.
Anyway, at the end of the day we have knocked the 9k down to closer to 3k, which is much more like it.

Waiting now for confirmation of that then we are ready to sign and we can make some progress.


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4 Responses to Bit of a battle…

  1. Adam says:

    It better not be cold in the cellar when I come to stay!

  2. A says:

    Listen, that cellar will be well and truly heated when people come to stay by all the partying going on. Still a bit worried by your architect’s oversights. It was the windows last time wasn’t it?
    Underfloor heating? Posh lot. Get some slippers.

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