Sampling Day

So, as mentioned yesterday we went to the builders head office in Chemnitz to choose various fitting and fixtures for the house.

It was a bit of a yawnfest obviously as we had discussed most things already, so really just selected what we already knew!




Big Sinks

  2 of these, 1 upstairs and 1 in cellar.

Little Sink

  1 of these, in the the groundfloor WC

Shower head

  for in the bath as shown

Shower drains

 We did consider changing to a shower tray type thing, but I like the simple style of this kind of thing


 3 Of

Flush Plates

 x3 These were a 30€ premium over the standard placcy ones


 10€ premium over standard, but suited the sinks better.

So that was at the Bathroom shop, took all of about 20 minutes to make those choices.  The woman who accompanied us told us that bit alone is normally more than 1 hour!  Luckily we like things to look quite simple.

Doors/Windows etc.

Again, this was pretty quick.

Interior doors will be a plain satin white, should keep em easy to clean

Door Handles

 Similar to what we have in our apartment at the moment

Windows and shutters – will be triple glazed, white plastic throughout.  Outside trims also white (a safe option).

Interior Sills & Outside doors

 Left is the windows sills. Right will be outside the exterior doors.


We just like the plain look here, dark floor tiles which are easy to clean.


Wall Tiles


Left is the size 30×60, middle the colour, gloss white.

These will be broken up in some places by the following 5×5 mosaic.  Will be 2 or 3 tiles wide.  This will also be the floors in the shower areas.

I think we only added around 300€ to the price yesterday, which is pretty good really!


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