Planning Permission

Well, we finally got the approvals today.

A big envelope arrived with maybe 100 pages of various forms and such shite.  God knows what we are supposed to do with it all, hopefully the project manager will sort everything out for us.

There seems to be lots of stuff they want money for of course, from the water supply to the site thru to disposal of the builders waste.  I am sure it will soon add up to a fortune.

So it took them a total of 9 weeks in the end, for which we are being charged the rather offensive sum of 1200€  Our guess is its probably too late to start this year, the weather normally gets offensive in january and february, however up until now its been surprisingly mild…. Decision decisions eh…..


About JoeD
33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

One Response to Planning Permission

  1. Adam says:

    Are you some sort of poof? Start now!

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