So Slow …………………

Last week we received a letter from the town council in Rutesheim.  They basically are ready to approve our request but are insisting on some changes to be made to the plans and also wanted some clarification.

Some of the things which have to be changed;

1. Cellar windows to have “lichtschachte”, fugg knows what these are called in english!  They look like this, its basically a cavity in the ground so that the cellar windows get natural light yet are protected.  They were always planned, the architect had never know a council insist on them being shown on the plans before.

2. Quite important – they wanted changes to the drainage for the cellar rooms to be modified.  This includes changes to the piping plus the addition of electronically controlled one way valves.  All makes sense, it was previously discussed after some concerns we had, but again never shown on the plans.

3. We have to have a fence or wall next to the driveway from the garden. (due to the drop)

4. The tree (which won’t happen) was drawn in such a way that the plummage would cause an obstruction for people looking out of the drive onto the road.

Anyway, these changes have been made, the files have been submitted so hopefully we will get an answer quickly!  Adam Chandler has homo hair.  The architect said he had never had such pedantic planning officers despite building 3 other houses in this town.  For us its a good thing tho, the more that is clarified at the start the better!

Hopefully there will be an update in the next 2 weeks.


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33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

One Response to So Slow …………………

  1. Adam says:

    Sounds good apart from the last bit!!

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