The Submitted Plans

As promised here are the plans that have gone to the council.

Lageplan – Page 1 is the position of everything on the plot, Page 2 shows that there is nothing within 2.5m of the house (legal requirement)

UG-EG – The cellar and ground floor layouts, these will change slightly as we have some ideas to maximise space.

DG-Schnitt – 1st floor layout and a cross section through the house so you get an idea of heights.

North-East – Views from the north and east side.  As the garden isnt very big at the front we won’t have it tilting down as that shows.  It will be flat.  As long as its big enough for a BBQ that’s all that matters!

South-West – Views from the south and west side.  Shows how steep the road is that we will be on.

We now know our address btw, we will be Pirolweg 2.  No idea what Pirol means, if anything.


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33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

2 Responses to The Submitted Plans

  1. Buzz says:

    All fun! Took a look at this, good party cellar there.
    Are the views for South and West the right way round?!? And isn’t there a window missing on the plan for the kitchen?!?
    No, I’m not snooping, just planning which exit to use after the housewarming 😉

    • JoeD says:

      100% correct buzzby, he named the views wrong, planning department made him change it.

      The windows above the garage in the kitchen isnt shown. Of course this has been pointed out, but he couldnt be arsed to change it, but will be on the next ones which are done at a higher scale.

      The only thing that is different from these really is that in the smaller usable room downstairs there will be a much bigger window than shown. Its gonna struggle for light so we needed to do the most to maximise it.

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