Finally progres…..

After 2 weeks of waiting we finally received the go ahead from the Notary to pay the sellers for the land.  Fook knows why it took so long.  It came with a bill for 1000€, which was a little less than expected, which is nice.  However annoyingly she did charge us 60€ for “clarification in a foreign language”, which she did not do.  So I am tempted not to pay that bit…..but of course that could slow things down further.

In the meantime we have met with the architect on the plot to try and clarify what the layout should be.  I think we will spin the house around, with the big windows at the front looking out accross the fields, mainly due to the building behind us being truly fugly.  His next task is to try and decide what height to build the house at, he is suggesting it should be raised slightly, which would be a very good option as it would mean more natural lights into the cellar rooms, which will be a real benefit…….


About JoeD
33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

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