Buying a carpark

So on friday 16th we, together with the sellers, visitted a Notary Public in Leonberg to purchase the land.

It was an interesting experience, which basically involved the Notarin reading through the full contract and clarifying anything she deamed important enough.  In all it lasted about 2 hours!  A real test of our german, but luckily a friend who works as a German to English translator came along with us to clarify anything that needed to be clarified.

So the contracts are now all agreed, we need to wait for the seller to have his bank remove some financial claims to the land which were shown on the land registry, then we have to cough up the cash and its ours.

After that the architect will start the propper plans with the hope that we can start building mid september.


About JoeD
33yr old design engineer. Into Guns, Blood, Murder etc.

2 Responses to Buying a carpark

  1. Adam says:

    2 hours wow!!! What the hell was she reading out?

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