The Plans

We had a  bit of stress last week.  The piece of land we are building on has been organised by the building company we are using.  In trying to arrange a meeting with the Notary to purchase the land we were told that in fact the planning permission on the land was actually for a semi-detached house.  No problem, but our detached house did not fall into the agreed footprint to build upon.

Luckily the town council was sitting on monday night and approved the new proposal. 

That is a 1:200 scale picture, so you can see how we fit in with the neighbouring buildings;

Slightly zoomed in, we will be in building 7290, the slightly smaller (cheaper) plot, approx 190m² the other one is approx 225m².  Basically whoever wants to build there will pretty much have to copy our design choices.

The house itself will look as so;

The house itself is actually pretty small, footprint being about 46m².  There will however be a cellar, which will be also mostly assigned as living area, with two very large rooms which may eventually be used as bedrooms.


Basically this is just open plan kitchen and living room, with a small toilet.

First floor

Two decent sizes bedrooms big enough for king sized beds.  Plus a nice bathroom with seperate shower.


Two decent sized rooms that could become bedrooms in the future, also a small shower room and technology room, which will house server, washing machine, boiler and water tank (heated by solar panel on roof).

Views from all sides


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